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Take Care Good Night 1st Day Box Office Collection

Take Care Good Night


The M Town seems to be often in the experimentation mode these days as we see the makers are releasing with some interesting film or the other. Well, let’s talk about the film Take Care Good Night, it is made on the cyber crime called cyber stalking, which seems to be a latest menace to harass girls online. This can be called as a good picking up trends and a way to compete with the makers of B Town and other main stream media producers. Well, let’s check how the film has performed on its first day. Friday being working has been its own issues in terms of getting the collection.

The Girish Joshi film took time to pick up in terms of occupancy, which started with 10 percent but ended with 50 to 60 percent yet it has to go a long way. In the evening there was some buzz in the media for the film but it still failed to get an impressive figure at the longer run. The film having good star cast with actors like Mahesh Manjrekar, Sachin khedekar, Iravati Harshe and Abhay Mahajan failed to get impressive ratings and reviews from the critics may it was too early for us to make a film on this subject as it appeals more to urbane crowd rather than the ruler one s who are found in bulk numbers.

The film Take Care Good Night therefore got a decent response in the urban locations but in the interior areas of the state and its vicinity, it failed to get the kind of response it was expecting. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Take Care Good Night is around 75 lakhs. The makers are expecting to see a surge in the coming weekend, with the collection reaching to not less than 3-5 crore for sure. If the film is able to make a good word of mouth buzz in the media, it would certainly going to attract a good collection during the first weekend for sure. Let’s see how things would move in the coming days but at the moment things are not that rosy for the film.

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