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Sunny Shah movie “Vakya” awarded in Pune film festival

sunny shah
sunny shah

Marathi cinema always came with new subject and motivates people. Producer Sunny Shah and director Deepak Kadam came with the subject of Education. Education has always been a strong subject in movies, with most of the movies highlighting common issues. The movie “Vakya” based on child education, How a poor parents help to his son to get good education after so many difficulties. At times, this movie carries a strong message for everyone.  The movie successful wins an award in Pune Film festival. Veteran actor Raj Dutta played a lead character in the film.

Producer Sunny Shah said, “This is unique movie which totally based on fight for education. A father has decided to educate his son but people oppose him and remind him of their ancestral tradition”.
The movie shot in rural area of Maharashtra, director Deepak Kadam said, “It’s great pleasure for me my movie wins a award in Pune film festival. It was my pleasure to working with veteran actor Raja Dutta. The movie based on struggle for education”.

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