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Dhinchak Enterprise Marathi Movie Review

The much awaited Marathi movie Dinchak Enterprises has finally hit the theatres. The film has one of the interesting cast with talented Marathi actors including Bhushan Pradhan, Manava Naik, Jaywant Wadkar and Resham Tipnis along with Manva Naik, Munmum Dutta, Khurshed Lawyer and Siddhesh Pai. The film is produced by Charmi Gala, directed and written by Nishant Devidas Sapkale and showcases a subtle social message unearthing the scandal of donations on which NGO’s operate. It is a classic drama, which are rare to find in regional cinema especially in the Marathi ones. Well, let’s dig deep into the film in order to find out the crux of Dhinchak Enterprise.

Script Analysis

Of late, there is an escalation seen in the yardstick of Marathi Cinema. Thanks to films like these which are carving a good yardstick in the cinema world. Bold and contemporary subjects are the part and parcel of Marathi cinemas these days and Dhinchak Enterprises is no exception. The script has drama, emotion, aspiration, sacrifice; dare devil heart to choose between good and the bad despite the fatal loss lurking in it. Such films are rare to catch in Marathi Cinema, which has even attracted non Marathi audience as well. Though the film starts with a usual note, however, with a passage of time, pearl seems to unveil before the audience, which in no way allow the audience to leave for a loo break. And the climax of the film has much to give lessons to the audience, which overall talks about a perfect script backed by a competent direction.

Star Performance

Bhushan Pradan who plays the lead character is able to showcase his best talent and charm over the silver screen unlike his previous films. Similar is the story of Manava Naik, who plays the girlfriend of Bhushan and the working partner of the company. Similarly, Khursheed Lawyer who did his debut in Marathi film too seemed good though at times he was seen struggling with his accent and thus seen putting words in his mouth for the new language. Yet he can be pardoned for the same considering his debut Marathi movie. The other elements including screenplay, editing, locations, music and other technical stuff too remained competent, which in turn together help in boosting the entertainment value of the film.

Dhinchak Enterprise – Last Word

Good movies in Marathi Cinema are the new trend seen and heard in the regional cinema world and Dhinchak Enterprise seems to add feature to this trend. The film has everything one can aspire for, right from drama to comedy and above all a subtle social message, which showcases the film and negative side of our society and thus give lessons to learn to tread a path of peace and tranquility. It showcases the message that for material gain corrupt practices cannot be the path chosen. At least, with movies hitting the theatres, the trend of finding rich content backed by tangible social message has come to reality.

Rating – 3.5*

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