Subodh Bhave is a no-nonsense person away from Any Blind Faith!

Subodh Bhave


The one actor in B Town who truly showcase the M Town entertainment is Subodh Bhave. He was seen in a number of movies in which he has impressed with his power packed performances. His next film is called Savita Damodar Paranjape, which is all set to hit on 30th August 2018 and it happens to be a psychological horror movie, which is based on the popular play of the eighties with the same title inspired by a true incident.  He was seen talking about his latest TV show called Tula Pahate Re aired at Zee Marathi. So, when he asked whether such supernatural stuff has happened in his life , he said that though he doesn’t believe much about the supernatural things but is very much concerned about it.

Talking about his experience in his upcoming movie Savita Damodar Paranjpe with its director Swapna Waghmare – Joshi, he said it was great working with the director and he has signed this movie only as he happens to be director’s favorite. While talking about the film, he said he had experience of seeing people getting affected by supernatural and his grandfather used to treat them. So, when he offered this role, he was able to connect with the character. Talking about the content of the film, he said the film is about a person’s psychology, which is very much different than supernatural stuff.

He also talked about the TV serial he is doing after eight long years, he said he is happy to get the positive response, which he is getting despite the gap in his career. He said he is very much attached to the TV show as it has helped to find an identity and further said his work is still remembered by his fans, which makes him special all the time. He said that the people still remember all his roles he did in his initial days including ‘Abhalmaya’ & ‘Avantika’. He said that people have started keeping trust in him and that he would like to work in new TV shows as well as he has build his niche hard in this domain. He said he has to do a number of things and thanks to the trust I have built in the last 18 years of my constant work.

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