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Siddhant Movie Review

Siddhant is a heartwarming tale of a grandson and his grandpa’s journey in finding a destination that is home for their love. It is a story of discovering a new perspective to love your children while you make peace with the high expectations you have for them. Ganesh Thosar or Appa( played by Vikram Gokhale), is an accomplished mathematician who has high ideals and is harboring high expectations from his grandson , Vakratund (played by Archit Davekar). He believes that his grandson is a Math’s wizard like himself when he sees the score on Archit’s mark sheet which is brilliant. But the truth is this marks is only because of bribing the teachers! Does Appa succeed in turning his erring grandson into a Maths wizard which is dream? Or does he prefer to make him a man of values? That is the question that Appa is posed with and asnthe story proceeds, we learn how a good family can give up everything but not values.

The title Siddhant refers to the principles of mathematics. But as the story unfolds you discover that it is actually the principles of life that it refers to. According to Appa, principles of mathematics are not different from that of life. One just needs to discover it. Appa’s family goes through a tough time when he loses his dear ones. He is disturbed to know the truth about his grandson’s real score. But the way he struggles to solve the matters and teach young Vakratund the same principles that he has lived by is a touching story. The film has a simple story telling style with little dramatization that is worth an appreciation. It is the simplicity of the story and great performances by both veteran actor Vikram Gokhale and child actor Archit that does the film a million good. The chemistry between the two is adorable and it makes the film a great watch.

Vivek Wagh, the director has given a fine treatment to the script. The film is sure to strike the right cords with the elderly audience and mature audience. The credit goes to the script writer Shekhar Dalvikar who has done a good job of interweaving the right elements in the story.

Although Vikram Gokhale and Archit Davekar steal the show, other actors like Swati Chitnis, Ganesh Yadav, Madhavi Soman, Sarang Sathaye, Neha Mahajan, Chandrakant Kulkarni, Prashant Tapasvi, Suraj Satav, Baba Aphale and Kanchan Jadhav have also done great work.

Music by Shailendre Barve is apt for the film for which Kishore Kadam has penned down touching lyrics.

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