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Shutter and Online Binline Box Office Collection

shutter and online binline

Sachin Khedekar starrer Shutter and Online Binline released this week. The two films which belonged to different genres were released got warm responses from the Marathi audience. With there being no big Hindi film releasing this week, the Marathi films received much attention and publicity. Online Binline stars Hemant Dhome and Siddharth Chandekar alongwith new comer Rutuja Shende in the lead roles. Sachin Khedekar and Sonalee Kulkrani play matured characters in the film , Shutter. Shutter is a suspense drama with an intriguing story while Online Binline is comedy based on the subject of internet addiction.

According to reports, on it’s opening day, Online Binline scored over Shutter and collected a sum of 50 Lakhs. On the other hand, Shutter ended up with a first day collection of 30 Lakhs. Later on the weekends, Shutter caught up with the audience thanks to it’s positive reviews and attracted audience to the theatres. On the weekends, it collected a total sum of 60 Lakhs. Online Binline collected an average sum of 1 Crores on the weekends.

The Total occupancy in the theatres was reported to be around 65 % for both the films across the state of Maharashtra. Shutter is expected to collect a total of 2 Crores in all. Online Binline may be around it’s counterpart with an amount of 3 Crores.

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