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Shirpa, Based on Superstitious Practices, to Release on October 14


Dealing with Superstition as its theme, the movie Shirpa is all set to hit silver screen on October 14. Playing leading roles are the actors Milind Shinde, Chaya Kadam, Sunil Shirsat, Namrata  Jadhav, Prem Kiran and Ravindra Berde. Director Nitin Kamble has given a realistic treatment to the film that deals with superstitious practices rampant in our society. The producers of the film are Prashant Mankar , Sunil Shirsat, Gopal Bhat , Sudeshna Navka , Kiran Chavan , Gajanan  Kalamkar.

Shirpa is the story of a childless couple who are trying out everything under the sun to get a child as blessing from lord. Shalu and Shambu, the Marathi couple are suggested by a practitioner that they should feed a goat kid and then after a few days, kill him. This will please the gods and they would be blessed with a child. Shalu and Shambu prepare to do the same. But as they spent time with the kid, they develop a liking for it and are in confusion whether killing such an innocent creature will do them any good.

Shirpa mirrors many unjust practices and believes in our society which stem from our ignorance. Nitin Kamble has made this unique attempt to raise questions regarding our blind faith in customs and rituals which are so much a part of our own living.

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