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A Dot Com Mom Marathi Movie Review


Rating : ★★★

A Dot Com Mom is one of the first of its kind in Marathi. It is the first Marathi film to be shot in the US. Dr. Meera Nerurkar’s ambitious venture has tried to incorporate the scenes of something more than an ordinary Marathi household. There is clash of culture. There is disagreement of values and ideas. More importantly, it has thrown spotlight on the relationship between a mother and a son and what happens when the two are separated by cultural differences.

The Story: Meera Nerurkar plays Sulbha Chafekar who left no stone unturned to bring up her son well and get him the best education. The result: her son, Sunny has excelled in his profession and is now an MD in US. Sunny is now a millionaire and has married a girl of his choice from there itself. Sulbha goes to US to be with her son and daughter in law and finds everything amiss from her perspective. What else would happen when an ordinary Marathi  bai goes to US? There are many culture and language jokes, confusions and appalling situations that we usually see in the Hindi films of the nineties when a dehati would come to the city for the first time. Apart from this, there is plenty of clichéd characters like the father of the daughter in law. What is refreshing is that all the actors are actually new and unknown for the Marathi audience which seems like an intentional decision to bring freshness to the film. The experiment is indeed successful as the actors look very believable as we have never seen most of them before.

Where the film falters? A Dot Com Mom is faulty at a few places as it brings in many clichéd images and scenes. It fails to click with the young audience who will find that the scenes lack freshness. Though it is set in the US, you will not see many wondrous sights as evidently the shortage of the budget has limited the scenes to small locales. Plus, since our own cities are so developed now, we fail to see US from the point of view of the old Marathi woman who sees US with wonder. There is hardly any excitement in these scenes.

Where it scores: A Dot Com Mom carries its message with an impact. The importance of relationships and family values all are portrayed well and it does go down well with the audience. That is one thing that does not disappoint about A Dot Com Mom. Apart from this, the performances are fine and powerful. Meera Nerurkar is undoubtedly the USP of the film. Her work is more than average both in acting and direction. She portrays her character as real and impactful and does not falter even in a single scene.

Music: Music is rather average. No song will actually stick to you but the music keeps the rhythm of the film going.

Why should you watch this movie? : Watch A Dot Com Mom for Meena Nerurkar’s and other actors’ real to life performances.

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