Why Renu Desai is thankful to her former husband Pawan Kalyan

Renu Desai’husband

Renu Desai’s film Ishq Wala Love is ready for release and the trailers have been launched today ,2 September. On this occasion, the director posted on her social networking site that it is a pleasant co incidence for her that the trailers of her most ambitious film is releasing on the day which is also a memorable day for her for it is the birthday of her ex husband, Pawan Kalyan. Renu Desai and Pawan Kalyan who is a superstar in Telugu films were a couple who separated not long before she turned a film director.

Renu also wrote that she is grateful to Pawan for teaching her the earliest and valuable lessons of film making which came handy to her during the making of her films. Renu’s first film as a director was Mangalashtak Once More .The trailer of Ishqwala Love was to be released on 26 the august , but due to some issues it was delayed and finally it is releasing on 2 September. For Renu who believes that co incidences are planned by God himself and are meaningful, this coincidence is an opportunity for her to thank Pawan Kalayan for the guidance he gave her on film making.

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