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Razzakar Box Office Collection


Raj Durge directed historical drama , Razzakar , hit the theatres this Friday. The low profile film , with only Sidharth Jadav being the leading star, attracted a few number of audience. The film had a poor show in all the theatres across the state. Mumbai and Pune which are supposed to be the high earning grounds for Marathi films, also witnessed a low turn up of the audience. Absence of any big star in the film proved to be its biggest shortcoming. Sidharth Jadav’s acting and performance was highly appreciated by the critics.

Razakar has earned moderate reviews for itself. The story set in the era of India independence when the government struggled to annex the kingdom of Hyderabad which was under the rule of the Nizam. Sidharth Jadav, Jyoti Subhash and Zakir Hussain play leading roles wherein the story revolves around martarydom and regional violence. It is not a mass entertainer but will cater only to a section of the society. It is not expected to catch up with the youngsters of big cities at all. It is the middle aged or elderly audience that the film targets.

On the first day of its release , it collected a total sum of 2 Crore. On the weekends, it is expected to end up with a total of 5 crore. Sidharth Jadav has been highly appreciated for his work. Raj Durge has pulled off the task of filming a difficult script revealing unknown facts about the Indian era of independence.

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