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Razakar Movie Review

Critic Rating: ***

Sidharth Jadhav starrer Razakar is a well knit story that belongs to the era of independence of India. After India got its independence, the Nizam  in Hyderabad held on to his independent status as the princley state till the end. This resistance by the Nizam was not peaceful at all and the violence and chaos related to this has gone down in the history of India as a period tension. This has come to be the main subject of the film Razakar where the title is the name of a militia that worked to prevent the annexure of the kingdom of the powerful Nizam. How the common people deal with this situation of tension and chaos is the story all about.

    Sidharth jadav plays the role of an ignorant villager in Hyderabad who falls victim to the prevailing violence. His ignorance once prompts him to join the peacemakers of Gandhiji. But later he ends up joining the Razakar who recklessly inflicting violence against people.

Sidharth Jadav carries the entire film on his shoulders. His vehement acting and power packed performance is the USP of the entire show. The film is faithful to the historic facts but there is lack of clarity in the story. Moreover the ending is rushed up and the climax remains unresolved. This leaves the audience with the sole picture of Sidharth Jadav shouting at the top of his voice and showing his action prowess.

Razakar is entertaining even if one is not interested in knowing the history behind it. The set up and the milieu form the background to a interesting story. The script has its loopholes but it succeeds in presenting a story that has historical facts, action and masala packed into one. Sidharth comes across as a fine actor who portrays the character of a troubled poor villager who is victimized by the government. His mother’s role is played by Jyoti Subhash. Versatile actor Zakir Hussian also plays a significant role. All the actors have given done complete justice to their roles.

Director Raj Durge has translated onto screen the saga of a state that still speaks about those turbulent times of the past. The interesting subject has been brought to life very skillfully. Besides the flawed editing , the script is sloppy at certain occasions. Despite of the these flaws , you will enjoy Razakar even if you are not interesting in history.

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