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Rangada Movie

Rangada Movie :

Cast : Bhushan Shivtare, Amol Lanke, Mayuri Navhate, Nikita Petkar
Director : Ayub Hawaldar
Producer : Abbas Mujawar, Kiran Phate
Writer :
Musician : Rohit Nagbhide
Cinematographer : Ansar Khan
Release Date : July 12, 2024

“Rangada” is a Marathi movie scheduled to release on 12th July 2024. The film features Bhushan Shivtare as Jay, a college-going wrestler, and Amol Lanke as Suryaji, a goon. The story takes place in a vibrant college setting where sports and competitions are a big part of student life.

Jay is not just a wrestler but also a bullock cart racer, showcasing his skills and strength in both arenas. His life takes an unexpected turn when he gets into a conflict with Suryaji. Suryaji, known for his tough and intimidating personality, becomes a significant challenge for Jay, leading to intense and thrilling confrontations between the two.

The dynamic changes when Devika, played by Mayuri Navhate, joins their college. Devika’s arrival brings a new twist to the story, affecting both Jay and Suryaji in different ways. Her presence adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing rivalry, influencing the balance of power and emotions.

“Rangada” combines elements of action, drama, and romance, creating a gripping narrative. The film portrays the struggle between good and evil, showcasing Jay’s determination and courage in facing his adversaries. At the same time, it explores the impact of Devika’s character on the lives of the main protagonists.

Rangada Movie Trailer :

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