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Poshter Boyz Marathi Movie Review

Poshter Boyz marathi

Poshter Boyz Review

It might not be for a social cause or a political issue that men in the rural area would raise their voice for. It might not be for an injustice done against hem or a right denied that put them on their feet to march to complain to the highest authority in the state. It is nothing but to confirm to the world their manhood and potency that they will dare to face all the perils and challenge the authority. This is what happens when three men from a village in Maharashtra are alleged to have undergone vasectomy and are allegedly endorsing it. Shreyas Talpde’s film Poshter Boyj,( starring Anikit Vishwasrao, Hrishikesh Joshi, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Neha Joshi and Pooja Sawant) deal with the issues of male chauvinisms alongside gender discrimination and many more issues intertwined in a comic set up promising to provide the audience with a ride of fun and comedy.  Lets analyze how much the producer Talpade and the writer director Sameer Patil succeeded in molding the social issue in the dimensions of  comedy.

What is the film about :

What happens when three men, including one in his seventies , discover that their relatives and friends are shunning them  after coming to know that they have undergone vasectomy and are the poster boys for it in a government advertisement? The men have neither gone under the knife for the surgery nor are they aware of their being on the posters. And by the way, who is in favor of vasectomy and who isn’t ? In a chauvinist country as India can people accept vasectomy so easily? It is a sensitive subject with many angles. Inspired by a true incident, the intention was to wrap it with comedy. Prabhavalkar, Joshi and Vishwasrao play the men whose faces are seen on the poster for vasectomy and the three men infuriated to discard any doubt against their manhood set out to confront the authority .

Though the performances are brilliant and the comic scenes are hilarious, you find something lacking in the film when it reaches its climax. You get a feeling of many issues being stuffed into the film which causes a digression in the main plot. Thus you have a material that is  more like a motley. Apart from this shortcoming you will like the moments when the actors make you laugh and thankfully there are good number of them. Only the issue that the story gets started with gets lost in the humor.

Talking about performances:

There is veteran Dilip Prabhavalkar who has put himself in a rather new style in the movie. Being a master in Indian theater , comedy was never an unfamiliar game for him.  But for the audience to see him matching shoulder to shoulder with youngster like Anikit Vishwasrao discussing male chauvinism is indeed interesting. The actor has not only succeeded to bring out his new color but also done it with panache and grace. His maturity and experience is a treat to watch in a film that deals with seemingly trivial subject. The other two lead actors, Hrishikesh Joshi and Aniklit Vishwasrao have also delivered a fine job. Their comic timings are commendable. Neha Joshia nd Pooja Sawant are mere arm candies who have barely any potential in their roles. Apart from these the film has an array of special appearances and references to hit films. Special appearances are by Farah Khan, Rohit Shetty and Anu Malik to name a few.  That once again adds to the multi colored character of the film.

Music by Lesli Lewis is rather mediocre and is a disappointment for his fans. direction by Sameer Patil is commendable.

Why watch Poshter Boyj :

The film is definitely watchable for its performances , for example , that of Dilip Prabhavalkar and Hrishikesh Joshi and for its humorous scenes that will indeed tickle your funny bones.

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