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Once More Movie Review : Catch the Bizarre Blend of Past and Present life in an usual husband and wife love & hate story

Once More Movie reviews

Once More Movie Review :

Director – Naresh Mahadeo Bidkar
Starcast: Ashutosh Patki, Dhanashri Dalvi
Writer – Shweta Bidkar
ScreenPlay – Shweta Bidkar
Producer – Dhanashree Vinod Patil, Suhas Jahagirdar
Production Studio – Vhanshika Creations & Devaswwa Productions, Lawande Film, Vishnu Manohar Entertainment
Dialogues: Shweta Bidkar
Cinematographer (DOP): Sanjay Kumar Singh
Ratings – 3.0
The film is a usual husband and wife story who start their life on a good note but as time passes, their relationship also goes on a toss and they tend to become foes to each other. However, the film develops similar patter to their past that makes them say that the enmity has been a story of the past and has been there since generations. So, it showcases both the old and newer versions of the love story that come into the fire.


Once More Movie

The film seems to have developed a good relationship between the past and the current life of the husband-wife who have been considering them as enemies since ages. The usual love and hate story of a couple with the elements of past somewhere has made the film interesting at one go but soon becomes dull and monotonous as it becomes difficult to bear. The first half goes slow and the usual way, but the real thrill comes in the second half where we see the bizarre connection of the past and present. Suddenly the comedy genre film turns to be a battlefield with people who are willing to kill each other at any cost.

Now, talking about the performances, the film has an ensemble star cast and the performances given by most of the actors have been good. Talking about the lead actors – Ashutosh Patki, and Dhanashri Dalvi, they seemed to have done a decent job while playing husband and wife on the silver screen. Now talking about the other actors in the film, they too have done a decent job. The other elements like a screenplay, direction, photography, music, and other elements seemed okay but it failed to boost up the entertainment value to a great extent.

Once More – The Last word

The film comes along with a confusing genre, all thanks to the on and off cross-connections with the past and current lives of the lead actors. Yet it can be enjoyable if you happen to be a fan of these actors. In case if you are not then better catch the film at your own risk.

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