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Baba Movie Review : It’s a Roller Coaster Ride of Emotions with lot many Predictable junctures

baba marathi movie poster

Baba Marathi Movie Review

Director – Raj R Gupta
Star Cast – Deepak Dobriyal, Nandita Patkar, Aaryan Menghji, Chittaranjan Giri
Genre – Emotional Drama
Producer – Sanjay Dutt
Production Studio – Sanjay Dutt Productions &  Blue Mustang Creations
Running Time – 132 Minutes
Rating – 2.5


Madhav and Anandi have adopted a boy called Shankar. They have been a responsible parent by giving everything they could to their adopted son. However, when his biological parents come into the picture seeking the custody of Shankar, things change a lot in a different direction.


The film comes with a heartwarming story, which is boosted up with a strong screenplay. You can find this film coming out with the roller coaster of emotions that goes till the end. The film starts with a decent first half, while as it progressed further it loses the ground and soon becomes more predictable than before particularly in the second half. The film has one of the best star cast and thus the performance we could see here is incredible.

Baba Marathi movie

Deepak Dobriyal the popular Bollywood actor who did his debut in M Town seems to have done a wonderful job while portraying a caretaker of a son Shankar who remains both deaf and dumb. Interestingly the character that remains mute has allowed him to stay in a Marathi movie without uttering a single dialogue. However, the way he has expressed himself with his eyes and body language is simply laudable. Similar is the story of the lady Nandita Patkar playing the character called Anandi who also remains deaf and dumb but her emotions have come straight from her heart.

Talking about others in the film like Spruha Joshi, Aaryan Menghji, and Chittaranjan Giri, all seem to have done a decent job. The film has a decent screenplay, however, the other elements like music, photography, and editing to some extent have remained hampered that has wreaked havoc for the film.

Baba – The Last word

The film has a decent story that comes with a unique idea of presenting it before the audience. However, it failed to connect to the audience fully for obvious reasons as it turned predictable at many places. It can be a one time watch for the audience, however, if you are the fans of the star cast then catching this film becomes mandatory.


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