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Mitwaa Movie Review

swapnil joshi mitwa

Ratings : ***

The Marathi Cinema is not known to embark with too many films; however, the Marathi film lovers were lucky to catch one of it this Valentine’s week. Mitwaa is directed by Swapna Waghmare-Joshi, while it is produced by slew of people – Meenakshi Sagar, Amrit Sagar, Akash Chopra. The movie star Swapnil Joshi, Sonalee Kulkarni, Prarthana Behere, Sangram SalviIla Bhate in the main leads, while is written by Shirish Latkar and the cinematography comes via the man Prasad Bhende. Shankar Ehsaan Loy along with others was seen giving the music for the film. Now, it’s time to catch the crux of the film.

Though you could be well aware of the plot of the film, yet let’s have the brush up of the same. Meet Shivam Saarang the leading player of Sarang Group of Hotels is a known eligible bachelor of the town (Goa). He is extremely wealthy, stylish and has a image of a playboy who believes to live life king-size. He hates the institution of marriage, and his own way of leading a life and turns merrier. On the other side, you have Avni, who happens to his childhood friend apart from being his business associate. She is fascinated with this young tycoon of hospitality industry and indulges in a one sided love. She keeps on saying that Shivam will find a girl who would change her life upside down. Soon you have another lady called Nandini Natwardhan joining the hotel as an employee, who is known to live in her own world without giving a damn heed to Shivam, which bothers this man a lot. Avani find it very much interesting and intriguing. Soon the two gets a good start and the two get to know each other, which bugs the two and what happens next is interesting to explore in the film.

The script writer has been known for giving power-packed stories, and Mitwa is no exception, which falls under the genre or Romance and Love fitting the best for Valentine’s week. Though the movie had its own shortcoming but those are overshadowed by the strengths the script has. You may find a couple of loo breaks though in the initial half, however, the movie would engage you with good story especially the climax. Now, if we talk about the performances of the lead actors, Swapnil is among the skilled actors in B Town. Though his image suit more for the comedy genre, however, he is competent enough to showcase his talent for serious roles unlike the ones you find in Mitwa. Though the two ladies – Sonalee Kulkarni, Prarthana Behere playing Nandini and Avni too were impressive but that par with Swapil Joshi. Most of the time he was seen overshadowing the two girls, yet cannot be ignored for their good performances. The other factors like music, editing, screenplay, script, locations, etc, remained par, which gives reason to the Marathi audience to catch the film.

Mitwaa Review Last Word

The movie Mitwa too seemed another film in terms of story and script, however, as you dig deep, you have gems to uncover. The movie justifies the love and romance, you are expecting in any Marathi movie this Valentine’s season for the young audience to catch. In other words, you have a love story with a lesson, which is not too often found in Marathi or even the Bollywood movies. Hence for youngsters and even elders who are keen to understand the right meaning of love and romance can think of catching the film.

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