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Marathi film “Shri Ram Samarth” releases all over Maharashtra on 1st November 2019!!!

Shree Ram Samartha

Has the youth entering the race to move ahead in the competition era, understood the real meaning of future or career? There is a question mark today. The life of Rashtrasant Shri Ramdas Swami is definitely a guiding spirit in order to wipe out this confusion. With a passionate worship of Ram during the childhood and extensive travel across the Nation thereafter for society oriented works, Ramdas Swami will be seen in a film “Shri Ram Samarth”. Releasing all over Maharashtra on the 1st November 2019, the film is produced by Ashwini Maheshwari of Vipra Entertainment and Deepa Suravase of Dishadeepa Films. The film is presented by Bharati Jhumbarlal Rathi and Sanjay Rathi. The original concept of the film is by Advocate Mrs. Vijaya Maheshwari and the film is directed by Santosh Todankar. The foundation of inculcation at almost every home has been “Manache Shlok” the treasure of words from Shri Ramdas Swami, which is being preserved for generations together. The volume “Dasbodh” written by him is a guide during difficult times today. Many aspects of the ideals and guidance provided by him will be opened up through the film “Shri Ram Samarth”.

Understanding exact meaning of the word “Sawdhan” meaning “alert” at the time of his marriage, Narayan is a 12 year old boy who matures to get engrossed in the worship of Deity Ram and to earn huge knowledge and finally enlightenment. All this can be seen in him. Film also shows how he was a true supporter and epitome for honor of women and their empowerment along with the support Chaatrapati Shivaji Maharaj received from him in conquering Swarajya. The concept of clean surroundings and prosperous society that was rooted 400 years ago is proving immensely important even today.

Actor Shantanu Moghe, Mahesh Kokate, Actress Alka Kubal-Athalye, Saurabh Gokhale, Sayaji Shinde, Prakash Suravase, Hrudaynath Rane, Karan Bendre, Vijaya Suman, Child artist Advait Railkar and many fresh faces will also be seen in this film. With the genuine and crisp performances of well discussed artists the film has come out with a super shining.

The film more elaborately narrates and pierces present day situation in the society more than the life of Ramdas Swami. The major historical incidents from the film comment exactly on the excellent administration and also about the administrators.

The story, screenplay and dialogues are by Prakash Jadhav, Manoj Yerunkar and Vitthal Ambure. Cinematography is by Sameer Athalye, editing by Subodh Narkar, Art by Mahendra Raut and Music has been provided by Mahesh Naik and Sanjay Marathe.

The film based on the life of orthodox, conservative and intellectual Rashtrasant Ramdas Swami is sure to explain a very important principle of a life fulfilled. Entertaining as well as enlightening, the film will provide a great chance to entire family from 1st November 2019.

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