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Laal Ishq Marathi Movie Review

Laal Ishq box office

Too many elements hamper the content quality of the film

This week you have one movie releasing in M Town in the form of Laal Ishq. The romantic drama is produced by the veteran filmmaker from Bollywood, which marks his debut in Marathi Cinema of Sanjay Leela Bhansali making it under the banner of Bhansali Productions, while it is directed by Swapna Waghmari Joshi. The film has an interesting star cast with Swwapnil Joshi, Anjana Sukhani, Sneha Chavan and Jayant Wadkar in the lead roles, while Priya Berde, Piyush Ranade, Yashashri Masurkar, Milind Gawli, Uday Nene, Kamlesh Sawant in the supporting roles. The story, dialogues and screenplay comes from Shirish Latkar, while the music is given by Amitraaj. Well, time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:

Laal Ishq Story

The film is essentially a love story, which is interlinked with a murder, which takes place in a resort based at Lonavala a hill station located between Pune and Bombay highway. The prime suspects are the lead actors of the film who were present at that time at the resort. This follows a series of investigation taking place keeping Yash Patwardhan played by Swapnil at the center by the investigating officers in the movie. Yash and Janahvi played by Anjana Sukhani who is young and charming Resort Manager Falls in love and then commence the real life drama when the murder is seen taking place and whole suspense stars unfolding the mystery at the end. He is with his drama team, which has an arrogant manager who insults the artist called Shreya leading Yash to leave the play group. So, what happens at the end is interesting to explore in this domain.

Laal Ishq Review

Though the movie Laal Ishq simply belongs to the lead actors – Swwapnil Joshi and Anjana Sukhani for their incredible performances, yet the director has given enough amount of space to the investigating officers Kamlesh and Samidha who are also seen falling in love with each other apart from the main lead falling in love with each other. So, there seems to be a haywire in terms of the story with loads of confusion taking place in between as to how the film progresses in the middle giving even an impression as it goes in a multiple direction leading the audience to lose their interest. Too many characters have messed up the film, which could have been made much better having talented star cast and competitive director.

Needless to say that unlike any Bhansali film, Laal Ishq also has loads of lofty sets and mesmerizing locations, which add loads of value to the movie. Bhansali and with his co-producer Shabrina Khan who is a fashion designer have together created wonders in designing marvelous sets for the Marathi film unlike the duo have done in their B Town ventures. So, that’s the positive thing about the film. Now, talking about the performances of the top actors, Swapnil and others have done a wonderful job in portraying their characters in their best ways. Kudos to their acting skills and experience, they have left no stone unturned to give the best over the silver screen.
Taking about direction, there seems to be much of the hits and misses, in fact, the former is less than the latter. The film has a confusing script, which makes us to believe that the director has failed to join the dots in a perfect order apart from shaping up the elements like romance, suspense and mystery in a right way, otherwise, things would had been moved in a right fashion. The other elements like screenplay, editing and technical stuff have gone smooth, thanks to the skilled filmmaking team the crew has. Talking about the music, the film scores some point in it, after all, this area has been the USP of Bhansali’s movie.

Laal Ishq Last Word

The film is essentially a love story at the backdrop of multiple murders occurring making things red. In fact, the title of the film itself showcases some idea about the film. Considering it to be Bhansali’s venture in M Town, you can find loads of glamour and other elements flaunted out of promotion to mesmerize the audience. Unfortunately, the film has botched up content, which not just confuses the audience but at the end make them dejected to see things happening in an unusual fashion. All in all, this makes the film loses its sheen, which is otherwise not expected from veteran filmmakers like Bhansali.

Rating – 2.5

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