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Koti Marathi Movie

Koti Koti Marathi Movie

Producer : Dr. Santosh Sampatrav Pote and Dr. Sunita Pote
Directer : Suhas Bhosle
Studio : OMS Arts
Star Cast : Aadnyesh Mudshingakar, Divyesh Medge, Vinita Kale, Sandesh Jadhav and Sanjay Kulkarni
Story : Rajesh Durge
Screenplay : Rajesh Durge
Music : Baban Adagale and Manoj Negi
Singers : Bela Shende
Release Date : Coming Soon

Upcoming movie is handles an unusual subject of gender identity crisis in a young child. The story of the movie is based upon a poor family in rural Maharashtra. The family consists of father and young sons. The elder brother, Sham, has feminine manners while the younger brother is normal in his behaviours. As the children grow older, people around them realize that something is amiss with the younger brother and they begin to taunt him and harass him.

This causes the family to feel ashamed and so the father decides to take a difficult step to get rid of the problem child. How does the younger child try to understand the situation from his unique perspective? He obviously does not stand by the father’s decision as he is attached to his elder brother. The emotional turmoil in the poor family forms the crux of the story.

 Koti depicts the social stigma attached to transgenders and anything that resembles them. The movie lets us view the social taboos from the perspective of young children who are far from understanding the reasons behind such norms. Koti is all set to release by the end of this year. It will be exciting to see how the marathi audience, who is always ready to take unusual subjects, accepts this story.

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