Kabzaa Kannada Movie

Release date: 17 March 2023 (India)
Cast : Upendra, Shiva Rajkumar, Kiccha Sudeepa, Shriya Saran
Director: R. Chandru
Budget: 120 crores INR
Producers: R. Chandru, Alankar Pandian
Music director: Ravi Basrur
Cinematography: A. J. Shetty

Synopsis : “Kabzaa” is a Kannada-language action-drama movie directed by R Chandru. Film is releasing in 2023. The movie features actor Upendra in the lead role, along with several other prominent actors such as Jagapathi Babu, Prabhakar, and Raghu Mukherjee in supporting roles.

The story of “Kabzaa” is set in the 1940s and revolves around the life of a powerful gangster named Kammaran Nambiar, played by Upendra. Kammaran is a feared and respected figure in the underworld, known for his ruthless tactics and strong grip over the city of Mangalore. However, his reign of power and influence is threatened by the arrival of a new rival gang led by a young and ambitious leader named Ali, played by Jagapathi Babu.

As Kammaran faces challenges and obstacles from all sides, he is forced to confront his past and make difficult choices that will determine his future. The movie explores themes of power, loyalty, betrayal, and redemption, and features intense action sequences, emotional drama, and gripping suspense.

Overall, “Kabzaa” is a highly anticipated and well-received movie in the Kannada film industry, known for its compelling storyline, impressive performances, and top-notch production values.

Kabzaa Movie Trailer

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