Hryudayat Vaje Something song gives the chilly feeling of first love

Hryudayat Vaje Something

Abhinay Berde and Arya Ambekar make a sweet and beautiful couple in the upcoming movie Ti Sadhya Kay Karte. The song from the movie titled “Hryudayat Vaje Something” has been released on the web. The tingling music of the song and the sweet lyrics are endearing to the music lovers. Moreover, the visuals are fantastic with there showing three generations falling in love. The lines goes, “ First love is always alive” . Indeed the love story comes across as to the viewers as the music and lovely visuals transpire on the screen.

Abhinay Berde and Arya Ambekar play the teenage lovers while Ankush Choudhary and Tejashree Pradhan play the grown ups. The bubbliness and the beauty of first love is so vividly portrayed that the curiosity about the film is already created.

If rain drops were the vehicles on which memories travelled to us, there would be plenty of memories playing before us on a rainy day. That happens with Ankush Chaudhary when he muses with rain drops on a rainy day on a bus stop.

The music director of the film is Vishwajeeth Joshi and lyricist is Shreerang Godbole. Singer Vidhit Patankar’s soulful voice is exuberating for the song.

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