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“Superb Plan” – Get Hollywood Movie Experience with Manmohan Ghuwalewala’s Marathi Film –

Superb Plan Poster
Superb Plan Poster

The Marathi film- “Superb Plan” produced by Mr. Manmohan Ghuwalewala will certainly make the audience unnerved and shocked. The film has been produced covering the contemporary subject like corporate world and the dirty games people play while remaining inside clean dresses and amidst highly ambient places. Rich content, good action, thrill, suspense and drama backed with elements like soothing music, good performance and screenplay in the Marathi movie will certainly give you a Hollywood movie kind of experience once you catch up the film in any single screen or multiplex. The film has some of the best talents, who have been roped in by the production company – M/s. Singhal Entertainment & Films Pvt Ltd to give something extraordinary to the audience.

The skilled actors like Satyanand(Sandy) Gaitonde, Trupti Bhoir, Girish Pardesi and Rajandra Shisatkar, who are all seen in the lead roles have given some of the best performances. You can very easily sense the same while watching its trailer on YouTube. The story of the film revolves around a couple called Vikrant Raje and Sanjana Raje who is the owner of a Canada based cosmetic company called Blue Tree. They plan to expand their business in India and hence head to Mumbai for the same. However, Vikrant is a changed man after he lands in Mumbai, which makes his wife Sanajana suspicious about him.

She starts her investigation to learns a number of unknown facts about this man who is not her husband but a different man altogether. The story further complicates, which will keep the audience stick to their chairs to see the next till they find out something really unexpected in the climax. This showcases the filth and rot found in the corporate world wherein people are simply meant to meet their vested interest at the cost of relationship, trust, values and many other things, which are considered to be an important element of healthy society.

And, “Superb Plan” has showcased these elements very beautifully and vividly. The movie is all set to hit the theatres soon, which has already created the buzz in the media and Marathi audience considering the positive reviews of the trailer and posters. After the release of “Superb Plan”, the film is likely to become the hallmark for other filmmakers who really want to make some movies that can competent with industries like Hollywood and Bollywood.

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