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“Filmmaking was a dream which I intend to pursue with ‘Baba Retired Zaale’ (A Marathi film)” Nishant Bhuse

Baba Retired Zaale
Baba Retired Zaale

Nishant Bhuse joining the long list of journalist turned filmmakers is . Nishant, who has been an investigative journalist for the longest time, reported on the 7/11 blasts with rare emotion for a popular Mumbai tabloid, and is now making a film ‘Baba Retired Zaale’.

Bhuse, when asked about what he enjoys more being a journalist or filmmaker. He adds, “Journalism is something I have been wholeheartedly doing from past 16 odd years, it happens to be my bread and butter. Filmmaking was a dream which I intend to  pursue with ‘Baba Retired Zaale’ (A Marathi film). Hence I am passionate about both journalism & filmmaking ,they are two different mediums to be handled by strongheaded people.”

Every person have a big plan. Nishant who have already given much for his mother land and now he dropped his hand in regional film-making. We asked if next is Bollywood for him. He shares, “It is too early to predict about Bollywood, I primarily want to concentrate on regional cinema.”

Nishant has always been a great person. When we asked about how a filmmaker should choose subject and theme for his movie. He adds, “I am no one to guide  someone about filmmaking but yes for me it was the tragic 7/11 Mumbai Railway Blast in 2006 which I closely covered as a Crime beat journalist for MID DAY. The human interest stories are the ones which enticed me to pen down this script.” Later he suggests, “I believe a subject which is close to your heart makes one put his 100 percent in it.”

When asked about his interest to be an Actor any time, he adds, “A Director has to be a good actor so that one can extract the little more out of his on screen performers which definitely is an onus for the film. About pursuing acting as my career, you never know where life takes you.”

Concluding we asked him about what made it easy for him turning a filmmaker either hardworking and financial strong base or any contacts too! He shares, “The credit goes to journalism, as I mentioned it is my only source of income. I shall continue to pursue media till I am not financially stable. As a filmmaker I still continue to struggle but yes the journey was a bit easier due to my exposure in the glamour world as a scribe. But I personally believe it is your content & product which has to hit the right chords of the patrons to make it big, rest is destiny.”

We wish Nishant Bhuse all the best for his upcoming movie.

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