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After Harishchandrachi Factory won one award after the other in 2010, Paresh Mokashi became a reputed name in Marathi cinema. Now with Elizabeth Ekadashi he is trying out a genre altogether i.e. children’s films. Elizabeth Ekadashi released on 14 November Children’s Day , an apt release for the film. This nicely publicized film is pitted against Dhyas which is a delayed film from last year. Moreover Dhyas is badly promoted. The conditions looked positive for Elizabeth Ekadashi this week. As expected, Elizabeth Ekadashi has scored over Dhyas. In addition the film has got extremely good reviews from audience. The critics are also full of praise for this work by Paresh Mokashi.

Elizabeth Ekadashi 20% occupancy on its first day of release. Being a children’s film there was a good turn out by the young audience. Its word of mouth was that it was a wholesome family entertainer. It is expected to attract families this weekend.

 Having negligible competition from Hindi film Kill Dill which is different genre altogether and the other Marathi release Dhyas, it is expected to be the sole profiting film this week in Maharashtra specially in the big cities like Pune and Mumbai.

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