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Dhyanimani Movie Review

Dhyanimani Movie Review
Dhyanimani Movie Review

Dhyanimani Movie Review

Critics Rating: 3*/ 5*
Movie : Dhyanimani
Cast: Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashwini Bhave, Abhijeet Khandkekar, Mrunmayee Deshpande
Direction: Chandrakant Kulkarni

Marathi cinema does boast of potential actors and path breaking subjects and no doubt there have been few good films in the industry in the recent times. Dhyanimani is one such film that will rattle through your conscious and will make you rethink and question reality. Dhyanimani has veteran actress Ashwini bhave in the lead while Mahesh  Manjrekar plays a pivotal role. The story revolves around a family which may seem normal from the surface but when you delve deep into the matters, you will find there are discrepancies. But what holds any family together is undoubtedly love and Dhyanimani makes you realize this old truth once again.

Dhyanimani is an adaptation of a Marathi play of the same name. Starting off as just another family drama, we have Ashwini Bhave and Mahesh Manjrekar playing a couple with a grown up son. Ashwini is constantly in touch with her teacher in another city through letters. Then one day ,the teacher’s pregnant daughter in law and son visist them. Ashwini though surprised, behaves as a cordial host only to sweep certain secrets about her family under the carpet. But with time, the unusual matters within the house is exposed. Ashwini’s son Mohit’s behavior and the elderly couple’s dilemma is so strongly expressed that one feels it is a family they  have known closely.

Dhyanimani is a psychological thriller that stands out from any other dramatic film that will claim to present the matters of the mind. Dhyanimani is definitely for the grown up audience who demand quality and logic. Despite of a simple story at the core, Dhyanimani puts the audience in situations where the curiosity regarding the climax brews up. With two seasoned actors Ashwini and Mahesh playing the leads, there is no dearth of reality in the performances. Both are mature actors who present a household scenario true to the T.

Kudos to director Chandrakant Kulkarni for handling such a delicate subject with great maturity. The screenplay and dialogues are apt and impactful. Music is a drawback with a lack of originality and novelty. The script is fast paced and has twists and kicks at right intervals. Mrunmayee Deshpande and Abhijith Khandkekar have been rightly cast and have done complete justice to their characters.

What stands out about Dhyanimani is the portrayal of strong emotions in a subtle manner depicting reality while the drama keeps you intrigued. It is a perfect contrast to the other release Fugay which is a comedy.

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