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Fugay Marathi Movie Review

Fugay Review
Fugay Review

Fugay Review :

Critics Rating : 3.5 * /5 *
Movie: Fugay
Cast: Swwapnil Joshi, Subodh Bhave, Prarthana Behare, Mohan Joshi, Anand Ingale
Direction: Swapna Waghmare Joshi

It’s has been about three months that the much awaited film Fugay was postponed and finally it is there with a bang. The two superstars of Marathi films Subodh Bhave and Swapnil Joshi have come up with a cool film which embodies friendship and takes it to another level. Fugay is not just an ordinary comedy but a new perspective towards love life and friendship with little borrowing from a couple of Bollywood films. Although the concept is definitely new to Marathi cinema, the credit goes out to the two actors who have presented the story in an exemplarily funny and entertaining way.

Fugay is the story of Hrishikesh and Aditya who are great buddies. One incident happens and the two are labeled as gays by their friends and others. They have to face the derision of others and the usual stereotypical issues attached with homosexuality. Yes it will remind you of the Bollywood super hit movie Dostana which had the same premises. But that is not it. There are more twists and revelations in the story which might remind of Hollywood film Hangover. The two friends do not remember what happened on the fateful night which changed their lives forever. So the discovery about the night reveals many things about their lives and it also touches the subject of homosexuality from a different perspective.

Fugay was not meant to spread aware and acceptance of homosexuality but to create healthy comedy surrounding it. With no offence to gay people around us, we are left with a humorous take on the issue. Subodh and Swapnil are outstanding in their performance. Actresses Prarthana Beherea and Neetha Shetty  also matches the actors.

Director Swapna Wghmare Joshi has put a good performance by handling the subject very lightly but impactfuly wherever the impact was needed. The message come out clearly. The script written by Hemant Dhome, Swapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave is commendable but only if it could boast of total originality.

Music by Rochak Kohli and Nilesh Moharir is soulful and adds the required drama to the story.

Fugay does not have a single dull moment in two and half hours and neither is the end predictable. But with a little more thought, the makers could have achieved a more original film that would stand out from the crowd. Although it stays away from being preachy, the audience does take home a message that “Being Gay is Okay”. Fugay is an enjoyable ride with family and friends especially if you belong to the younger lot. Enjoy!!


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