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Dagadi Chawl 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Dagdi-Chawl-1st weekend box office report

Dagadi Chaawl was the recent movie to hit the Marathi World. Though the film had received mixed reviews, yet it managed to do a decent film. The regional movie, which is destined to remain within the state with few screens outside Maharashtra entering the collection in crores is often a decent score. The film based on the underworld and the clashes of the same with common man really got a good response from the audience. The film managed to get a decent opening, which remained somewhere close in the first weekend giving an okay figure after the passage of first weekend.

As per reports, the movie Dagdi Chawl managed to get one crore on the first day following by 1.5 crore and 90 lakhs on Sunday. Therefore together the first weekend box office collection for Dagdi Chawl tolled to around 3.4 crores, which is actually a good collection for movies like this.  The promotion of the film was decent, which helped to creat a cool buzz in the media drawing Marathi audience in good number. Also, the experts are expecting some amount of collections in the coming weekdays as well, which will give make a good collection at the end of the day.

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