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Coffee Ani Barach Kahi Marathi Movie Review

Coffee Ani Barach Kahi

With such a title , the audience thinks they are in for a casual treat. And yes that is exactly what the film offers for there is nothing in this movie that is overboard or sensational. It is simple, commonplace and low on the passion quotient. It is disappointing how love stories get so clichéd at times. Prarthana Behere and Vaibhav Tatwawadi star in this love story that has a predictable happy ending and a story line that has no surprises or thrills.

Vaibhav is senior to Prarthana in an IT company. At work place they discover each other as friends and soon find out that they have opposite ideas as far as love and marriage are concerned. The youngsters develop a strange liking towards each other but it takes them the entire film to admit the feeling to themselves and then finally to each other.

The senior junior equation and the ego clashes all is there. The couple struggle to admit their love owing to strange incidences that make them expect rejection from the other. Vaibhav is a mature and practical person. He wonders why love should a necessity for people when they have all other things going in their favor. Praarthana’s character on the other hand is a bubbly girl who is full of dreams in her eyes. For her love and marriage are beautiful and she is waiting eagerly for her Mr. right. Right when the two are struggling to take their friendship forward, enter Bhushan Pradhan , with whom Prarthana’s parents want to hook her up. This character turns out to be even more sensible and from the girl herself he discovers that she is in love with Vaibhav. What could get more clichéd?

There is hardly any suspense or surprise for the audience for one knows the ending from the beginning itself. It is a love story with almost no interesting twists. The only positives about Coffee Ani Barach Kahi is the performances. All the leading characters do full justice to their roles and bring out their characters well. Direction by Prakash Kunte is commendable. He seems helpless with an uneventful script in hand. The music is barely good.

With commendable performances and a predictable story line, this coffee outing is can be totally given a miss this weekend.

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