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Catch Marathi movie Taleem Trailer

taleem marathi movie trailer released

The M Town seems to be gearing up with really cool movies some focusing social issues while others targeting the educational ones. One such movie hitting the educational issues is Taleem, which is the second in 2016 to cover this important issue in the M Town. However, this one is focused in the sports education, which his based on wrestling. Earlier the Marathi Cinema has witnessed another movie covering the same issue called Khwada by Bhaurao Karahade.

The film is directed and written by Nitin Madhukar Rokade, while it has Abhijeet Shwetchandra and Vaishali Dabale in the pivotal roles. It is produced by the man called Sudarshan INgale along with slew of other people like Nitin Madhukar Rokade, Jayaditya and Sanjay Mulay. The film is all set to hit the theatres on 15th July 2016, time to catch the trailer:

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