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Catch the first look Poster of Marathi Movie 1234

1234’ First look poster

The upcoming Marathi film of Milind Kavade called 1234 has some news for its audience. The filmmaker embarked with its first poster in the media in the recently organized promotional event in Mumbai. The event was witnessed in the presence of huge media, however, it was unfortunate to see the leading lady of the film Priya Marathe of 1234 went on missing. The film is produced by Kalpesh Patel and Shailesh Pawar and directed by Miling Kavade. In the event the entire crew of 1234 was present except the actress. She is busy with her other big release called Vihnahatra Mahaganapati hence had to miss the first look poster release poster.

In her absence, the lead male character of the movie – Bhushan Pradhan was present while he was joined by the music director Amitraj and Milind who together unveiled the first look poster of 1234. As per the director, the film is a suspense thriller, the audience would come to know regarding its meaning as the movie would progress via its interesting story along with having a decent screenplay. Bhushan also was seen expressing his joy and satisfaction the way the movie has managed vital issue besides entertainment.

In this film, you just have one song called Sunya Sunya Othaanche Bol, which is being sung by Kunal Ganjawala along with Anandi Joshi and it is showcased over the lead actors – Priya and Bhushan, while the music is composed by Amitraj and DOP is Santaneo Terzeo, while the costume design is carried out Vaishali Deshmukh who share the credits for the film, which is all set to release very soon.

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