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Boyz 4 Movie 2023

Boyz 4 Movie 2023

Star Cast : Parth Bhalerao, Pratik Lad, Sumant Shinde, Girish Kulkarni, Ritika Shrotri, Abhinay Berde
Producer : Lalasaheb Shinde, Rajendra Shinde
Director  : Vishal Sakharam
Musician : Avadhoot Gupte
Cinematographer : Yogesh Koli
Release Date : October 20, 2023

Boyz 4 : A Marathi Cinematic Extravaganza. Mark your calendars, because the much-awaited Marathi movie, “Boyz 4,” is all set to hit the screens on October 20, 2023. Directed by the talented Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar, this installment of the Boyz series promises to be a rollercoaster of entertainment, laughter, and heartwarming moments.

“Boyz 4” brings together an ensemble cast of some of Marathi cinema’s brightest stars. Parth Bhalerao, Pratik Lad, Sumant Shinde, Girish Kulkarni, Ritika Shrotri, and Abhinay Berde take on prominent roles, ensuring a perfect blend of seasoned acting and youthful energy.

The Boyz series has already carved a special place in the hearts of Marathi film enthusiasts with its quirky humor, relatable characters, and underlying messages of friendship and coming-of-age experiences. “Boyz 4” continues this legacy, promising to be a delightful addition to the franchise.

Set against the backdrop of a college campus, the movie explores the lives, dreams, and misadventures of these young characters, drawing the audience into their world. Vishal Sakharam Devrukhkar, known for his knack for storytelling and capturing the essence of youth, is the perfect choice to helm this project.

With each installment, the Boyz series has managed to strike a chord with the audience, offering not only entertainment but also relatable life lessons. It has become a symbol of Marathi cinema’s evolution, showcasing the talent and creativity within the industry.

“Boyz 4” is expected to bring a fresh perspective, deeper character development, and even more hilarious moments, all while keeping the spirit of friendship alive. As the release date approaches, Marathi cinema enthusiasts can’t contain their excitement, eagerly anticipating the laughter and emotions that “Boyz 4” is bound to deliver. This movie is not just a film; it’s a celebration of youth, friendship, and the ever-evolving landscape of Marathi cinema.

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