Balkadu Movie Trailer Official Released


Finally a biopic on Bala Saheb Thackeray is here. The much awaited film which recounts the story of the Hero of Maharashtra is all set to pull crowds to theatres. Bala Saheb ‘s life will be portrayed on screen with various aspects of his life that were otherwise unknown. The film will shed light on certain aspects that the makers believe need to be told to his followers.

The trailer of the film is released. It depicts the journey of a young man starting as a cartoonist criticizing unjust practices and gradually carving out his own niche in Mumbai politics. The person who assumed a Godman status in Mumbai had a hard journey beginning from a humble note. His perseverance and undeterred spirit has been a source of inspiration for many books. This is an official biopic of the leader who dedicated his life for the welfare of Mumbaikars. The film is produced by Swapna Patkar and directed by Atul Kale.

The music composed by the duo of Ajith-Samir is wonderfully tuned. Popular actors like Umesh Kamat and Neha Pendse play lead roles and the trailers suggest that they are wonderfully cast in the backdrop of Mumbai politics.

The film will be released on 23 January. In not just Mumbai , the film is expected to be received warmly all over Maharashtra. The inspiring tale of the most influential leader in Maharashtra is set to reveal itself on 23 January. The official trailer, stills and Posters have been released.


Enjoy The Balkadu Trailer

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