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Apla Manus Movie Review : A Stuffy morality story that unfortunately was reduced to a crime thriller

Apla Manus Movie

Apla Manus Movie Review :

Star CastNana Patekar, Iravati Harshe, Sumeet Raghavan

Director -Satish Rajwade

Producer – Ajay Devgn

Studio – Ajay Devgn Films and Watergate Productions

Genre – Comedy, Drama

Rating -2.5


The film Aapla Manus happens to be a story of young couple who are based in an urban area. The couple lives with the male counterpart father while they tend to understand the complexities of the relationship and at the very same time they are even trying hard to cope up with their urban life. However, with some unexpected incident happening in their life, they end up changing their beliefs and their lifestyle. So, what goes at the end is interesting to catch in your nearest cinema.


The film happens to be simple and straightforward revolving around the incident taking place with the couple. It has no diversions unlike any other M Town films that carry loads of drama and songs. However, at one point we see the film becoming monotonous and repetitive while the makers have failed to make it interesting for the audience thus giving them too much of look break. The other issue of this film is the star cast, though at one end one can find a couple played by Sumit and Harshe playing a decent performance but on the other side, something seems missing with the twin role of Nana Patekar.This in a way has hampered the star value of the actor (Nana Patekar) who deserved a better role than this. Lastly, the climax is nothing but a torture to the audience.

Apla Manus The Last Word

The film that carried a good story and nice plot which happens to be stuffy morality tale was not done any justice for its implementation and other aspects. However, all we could see the movie reduced to a crime thirller with certain cast mismatch. It seems that the filmmakers were in haste to make this film as they did not find enough time to do their homework.

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