How Ajay Naik weaved magic with Baavre Prem He

Baware Prem He

Ajay Naik , the director and writer of the film Baavre Prem He , has revealed why he chose Goa has a setting for his film. The romantic story, that has Urmila and Siddharth playing the lead roles, released this week and is getting rave review for its beautiful perception of love. One of its striking features is the beautiful locales of Goa that breathes in a fresh feel to the emotions between the characters. Ajay Naik reveals that he applied a new formula for capturing the beauty of Goa that was to keep it simple and Stupid. “It was important not to exaggerate the importance of the location of the film because the beauty of a place like Goa could be overpowering. The best policy was to capture Goa in its simplicity and pay more attention to making the characters and the story more impactful. “

Ajay had earlier revealed that he has tried to mix beautiful location and melodious music in order to create a perfect backdrop for his story. Both these aspects of the film have been highly appreciated by the audience. Baavre Prem He has received positive reviews and is attracting young audience to the theater.

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