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‘Youth’ has the power to create waves believes Akshay Waghmare

Though considered as carefree and rebellious, the youth if decides can bring out major revolutions in the society. And carrying out the same message is the latest movie… ‘Youth’. As the name suggests the movie has a young brigade of actors lead by Neha Mahajan and Akshay Waghmare. A film presented by Victory Films and produced by Sundar Sethuraman, ‘Youth’ has already hit theatres across Maharashtra.
Yuvraj Patil, a rich brat whose life revolves only around his friends and having fun is completely clueless about all the responsibilities of life, especially the social ones. And this character is played by none other than Akshay Waghmare. And in the middle of having fun a sever issue like water drought hits and how the youth brigade maturely tackles it is beautifully depicted in the film. Akshay Waghmare said, that the movie has managed to change his mind set in real life too. Youngsters, their roles in the society, how they perceive the society and if decided how they can change things around is aptly captured in the movie… ‘Youth’.
Commenting on his views about today’s generation, Akshay says… it’s important for them to know about the happenings in the society. All the energy and enthusiasm which they already have in abundance should be channelized for some concrete objectives. He even said that rather than restricting themselves to social media they need to come out in open… in reality.
Today’s youth who is so well exposed has all the means to move the world around them. Just a right push and there are set to go… The film aims to show them the right direction. Akshay hopes the film which converted his outlook towards the society will also create an equal impact on other youngsters as well. The youth forms the major population throughout the world and has the power to move mountains that is what ‘Youth’ is all about says Akshay Waghmare.
Directed by Rakesh Kudalkar the film stars a youth cast of Neha Mahajan, Akshay Waghmare, Meera Joshi, Shashank Jadhav, Ketaki Narayan. While veteran actors like Vikram Gokhale and Satish Pulekar are also playing important roles. A story written by Vishal Chavan and Yug is set to act like a driving force for the youth.

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