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Ye Re Ye Re Paisa Box office collection

Ye Re Ye Re Paisa

This Friday we had one of the most awaited films in M Town, which is called as “Ye Re Ye Re Paisa”. The film has collected a decent piece of review both from the audience and the critics. The film managed to get good numbers and was seen getting the most appreciated and thus seen getting awaited films of the year. The direction and production of the film seemed  cool for the film. While Marathi movie’ box office collection was seen giving a decent amount of collection with the positive word of mouth buzz for the film.

The film is directed by man Sanjay Jadhav, while production was carried out by Omprakash Bhatt and others. The film featured some of the best performances over the silver screen and so was the direction. Though many complained about the plot of the film yet it was managed with great perfection and professionalism. This has helped the film to garner a good word of mouth buzz thus helping the film in a big way. However, looking at the box office collection, the film has a decent collection. As per reports, the first day box office collection netted to around to 40 lakhs which means 4 millions over the box office.

The morning shows had low occupancy but as the number of shows passed away to the evening shows, the film garnered good response over the occupancy. The experts and trade pundits are seen saying in chorus that they would score a good collection at the first weekend. As per reports, the film will get a decent collection both on Saturday and Sunday thus giving a decent buzz in the media. Let’s see how things would move, well do keep on checking over the status with us by giving the best of the updates and yes do not forget to comment on the same.

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