The wife of a farmer became a millionaire by doing modeling as there was no money from farming

While her husband worked in the fields, she aspired to do modeling in the nearby village. The surprising thing is that this woman, who used to work in the fields, became a millionaire within a few years. She doesn’t earn much from farming, which is why many farmers live in poverty. This situation is not limited to India alone; it can also be seen in western countries. However, this woman found an extraordinary path to uplift herself from poverty as a farmer. While her husband worked in the fields, she wanted to pursue modeling at home. Surprisingly, she became a millionaire within a few years. Now, let’s take a look at how her life changed with the help of a mobile phone.

Honeyy Brooks
Honeyy Brooks

Her name is Honey Brooks. She used to live in a small village in the state of Victoria, Australia. She made a living through farming and labor. However, during this time, she gained knowledge about modeling. Then, when her husband went to work in the fields, she decided to do modeling at home. She took her own photos and shared them on social media. Because of her beauty, she became popular within a few months. She gained thousands of followers on social media. People admired her beauty. During this time, she came up with the idea of creating her own app. She went to the city and with the help of a web developer, she launched her own app. She kept a paid subscription for this app. It means if someone wants to see her photos, they have to pay some amount. But her popularity grew to such an extent that even netizens subscribed to her app.

Honeyy Brooks

During an interview with Daily Star, Honeyy Brooks revealed that in the beginning, she didn’t tell her husband about it. She was afraid he would mock her. But as her financial situation gradually improved, doubts started to arise. Finally, one day, she gathered the courage and shared her modeling aspirations with her husband. Initially, he was upset, but later he realized how famous his wife had become. People from all over the world followed her. And the most surprising thing was that she earned more money through sharing her photos than through farming. This made her husband change his mind. After that, she started modeling full-time. Now she models for various big companies and magazines.


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