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Chumbak Movie Review

Chumbak Trailer

Chumbak Movie Review

Producer : Aruna Bhatia, Naren Kumar and Cape of Good Films
Director : Sandeep Modi
Screenplay : Saurabh Bhave & Sandeep Modi
Star Cast : Swanand Kirkire, Sahil Jadhav, Sangram Desai & Vibhawri Deshpande
Review by : Abhay Salvi
Plot :
Meet Baalu played by Sahil Jadhav who tries to pull off the scam at the suggestion of friend. However, when he simply finds out that the victim in the film happens to be a gullible village simpleton, who has the change of heart. So, what really goes is interesting to catch.
The film is a buffet of entertainment, which offers you enough fodder for everyone here. It may be incredible to define the kind of cuisine one can get. The makers has chosen a good story that deals with the battle between the good and the evil within a person and it does not remain that usual between good vs evil battle. The metaphor of magnet can be seen interpreted in two ways as far as the context of the film. And like the the magnet that has two opposite poles the film two has the same story. The film can be seen with a content having subtleness in it. This film is a blend of both the urban and rural look and feel along with the content as well. The film starts in the urban life of Mumbai and then goes to the rural areas.
The movie is a visual delight and remains the cinematographer Rangarajan Ramabadran, while the editor Chandrashekhar Prajapati seem deserving the credit for it along with the director! The detailing in the film is seen from the production design for using the background score and then sound too is seen enhancing the experience of the movie. Lastly, the movie has nicely dealt with the the story and is able to offer the characters well on the silver screen. In terms of performances, Sahil and Sangram Desai have done a decent job while Swanand Kirkire has given the spellbinding performance.
Chumbak The Last word
If you are keen on watching the M Town movie this year, it has to be magnet. Doesn’t simply matter what your genre preferences, which makes this film to be a must watch for everyone!

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