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WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review : Fiction Prevails Over Reality bring the film fall flat over the ground

WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review

WhatsApp Love Marathi Movie Review

Director -Hemantkumar Mahale
Genre : Drama and Romance
Producer : Hemantkumar Mahale
Production Studio : HMG Entertainments
Star Cast : Raqesh Bapat, Anuja Sathe, Pallavi Shetty  and Sareh Far
Story : Hemantkumar Mahale
Screenplay and Dialogues : Ajita Kale
Cinematography (DOP) : Suresh Suvarna
Rating : 2.0

It is a love story of Aditya and Anagha who remain a married couple. Aditya works have a corporate job, while Anagha is a housewife. Aditya is also a class painter and they lead a happy life till he gets a flirting kind of message on his WhatsApp from an unknown member. After several messages, he is tempted to know about the person another side by calling it over. He soon discovers a beautiful voice on the other side of a lady. He is Mesmerized with her and plans to find out who the lady is. This keeps him busy messaging her so what happens next is interesting to catch in the nearby theatre.

WhatsApp Love Review

WhatsApp Love Marathi

The basic theme of the film remains the same only the format has changed with it. We have seen such films earlier but they failed to impress the audience then and now as well. In terms of story and content, there is barely anything interesting to catch in the film. The first half of the film simply vanishes in showcasing a happy couple and making the audience believe that there seems to be a perfect couple in our society, which we know is often a myth. The second half really will test your patience as it goes slow and takes you in the imagination of Aditya played by Rakesh Bapat. Things fail to work as the lead actor has failed to deliver what was expected out of him and perhaps he should not be blamed alone for this, maybe this was the demand of the script to showcase this man in such a lousy fashion.

Talking about the performances, Rakesh Bapat seemed mediocre and had not much to showcase over the silver screen. However, Anuja Sathe playing Anagha had a decent role to play as she was able to carry forward the emotions in the right direction. The others like Pallavi Shetty and Sareh Far did their jobs with care but not that impressive. The other elements like screenplay, dialogues, photography, music, and editing remained average and did not help much to boost up the entertainment value of the film.

WhatsApp Love – The last story 

The idea of making a film on this subject seems too naive and weird as we see such a situation occurring in anybody’s life, which can be found out next door. To relate a teenager story into a middle-aged man who remains so focussed in his career and family seems hard to digest. This gives a low rating for the film.

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