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Vicky Velingkar Movie Review

Vicky Velingkar

Vicky Velingkar Movie Review :

Director – Saurabh Varma
Star CastSonalee Kulkarni, Sangram Sameel and Spruha Joshi
Writer: Swapnil Warke
Producer – Ritesh Kudecha, Sachin Lokhande, Kartik and Atul Tarkar
Ratings – 2.5/5


The film is all about a struggling comic book artist called Vicky Velingkar played by Sonalee Kulkarni. She gets accidentally get into a unique murder mystery. While she is probing the case, she soon realizes that the masked man who had killed her best friend is up to her. She now has to find out the truth about the killer before she is seen hunting her down. So, what goes next wold be interesting to catch in the theatre.


It is not at all easy for the audience to grasp the story the way it is told to them. It comes to slow and the entire plight of the first half of the film suffers this way. The first 20 minutes of the movie you would find some similarity between this film and Game Over starring Taapsee Panu. However, the film soon loses its edge and turns boring, which is not the case with Game Over. As the film moves ahead, it keeps the logic on bay giving no justification to the situation it comes across with. The abrupt jump of the film leads to the hamper the flow of the movie and so is the attention of the audience. Things happen so easily that the makers do not even care to give any explanation.
Talking about the performances, Sonalee playing Vicky Velingkar seemed to have done a decent job. However, she had to mess up with the glitchy screenplay. On the other side, Spruha Joshi is a revelation as she has done a wonderful job and so is Ketan Singh who despite doing his debut with this film has done a good job. These actors have helped the film to get some pace with an interesting twist in it. The other elements like direction, music, photography, screenplay, editing and other technical elements remained average. These failed to boost up the entertainment value of the film.
Vicky Velingkar The Last Word

With all said and done, the film had a small story, which was stretched with no reason keeping logics at bay. The film seems to have taken a lot from the South Indian movie Game Over, but the kind of impact it has created seems too minimal.

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