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Top Ten Marathi movies of 2016

Top Ten Marathi movies of 2016

  1. Sairat: This dramatic tale of love, honor and feuds was an unexpected superhit saga that Marathi audience may never forget. Archi and Parshya fall in love despite of caste differences and elope to create a dream world of their own. But the stringent caste system of the society would just not let them have their way. So what follows them after their elopement?

A lovely tale of love, passion and sacrifice. Sairat was a major Hit of the year 2016.

  1. Natsamrat : Nana Patekar could not get better and perhaps no other actor would have essayed the role more vividly and passionately as Nana did. A theatre actor , believing he is living his own life with it’s own fret and fever, ends up realizing his life was so similar to the character of King Lear he played so often on stage. The sheer sharp resemblance of life and art is striking and maddening. So will he actually go mad like King Lear?

Natsamrat is impeccable and deserved all the applause it got.

  1. Phuntroo : Science, love and fantasy all muddle up to create this sweet story of Phuntroo with the colors of teenage fantasies and real turmoil. An engineering student’s passionate affair with technology and a fellow female student ends him with a beautiful lady android with the face of the girl he loves. So is it a wireless trap ?

Phuntroo was amazing in cinematography and effects. And who can forget the mesmerizing petite beauty Ketki Mategaokar.

  1. Half Ticket : Reality is not all that kind to these young boys of the slum. There is so much to have and so few means to get it. Half Ticket is a heart touching story that makes you feel grateful about life. Dreaming of what they cannot have.. if dreams don’t come with a price why not just dream ?

An official remake of award winning Tamil film, Half Ticket touches the soft strings of your heart.

  1. Ventilator : Can a film stand barely on the grounds of story? Without a protagonist, without a strong thread of story can you make a substantial film? They did. And the result was Ventilator, the film standing out among the crowd of movies. Reality was, perhaps, handled with so much subtlety and maturity.

Priyanka Chopra sung “Baba” was the soul of the film.

  1. Jalsa : Comedies with filmy flavor are always a welcome. Specially if you have youngsters donning unusual avatars with foot tapping dances and peppy music. That ‘s how Jalsa scored over the audience creating rib tickling comedy and much more.
  2. Photocopy : Parna Pethe and Parna Pethe ! We could not have enough of this beautiful bubbly actress despite of her double role. Twin sisters falling for a single guy without the guy discovering their identity. Sounds bit far fetched but that’s where the excitement began in Photocopy.
  3. Vazandaar : I have never heard or seen a movie made on two rolly polly females. That’s why Marathi cinema is unconventional. Two friends, struggling to get comfortable with their baggy bodies end up embarrassing themselves in public. Self esteem, self confidence and self image – all go for a toss and they are groping for a ray of hope to reimburse their love for their own bodies. How will that happen?

Sai Tamhankar and Priya nailed the performances.

  1. Family Katta : A reunion of hearts and exchanges of experiences, love and lot more. Old guilt, buried differences, suppressed love all surface in this reunion when love melts into the darkest recesses of our heart.

Dilip Prabhavalkar and Vandana Gupte were adorable as the old couple.

  1. YZ : A history lecturer ends up in identity crisis. A mad world and set of crazy people make the story of YZ which is a simple feel good film with little perks and witty one liners. The movie was fresh and pleasant and a thorough entertainer.

The actors did a commendable job.

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