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Superb Plan – Marathi Movie Review

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This Friday, the most awaited Marathi film – Superb Plan has finally hit the theatres. After creating a good buzz in the media for its unique content and good star cast in the media particularly in the Marathi circles, the film has finally hit the theatres today both in Maharashtra and other states in India. The film is produced by the known name in Marathi Cinema called Manmohan Ghuwalewala under his own banner Singhal Entertainment & Films Pvt Ltd. The film has popular and talented actors like Satyanand alias Sandy Gaitonde, Trupti Bhoir, Rajandra Shisat Girish Pardesi in the pivotal roles, which is directed by the talented man in the industry called Jai Tari. For the first time in the history of Marathi Cinema, the filmmakers have gone all the way to Canada to shoot a regional film, which makes it an important USP of the film. Now, let’s dig deep into the film and find out the gist of the same.


The film has one of most interesting plot or story, hardly found in Marathi Cinema, which makes the film competitive with industries like Bollywood and even Hollywood to some extent. The film revolves around a business and his corporate affair, wherein he plans something lethal to run his business and maintain his might and power in the business world. He leaves no stone unturned to keep his business running without any hassle and uproots all the hurdles he finds in his way. In other words, it showcases the ugly face of corporate world, wherein businessmen reach out to any extent to keep their business running and maintain their monopoly in the market. The tug of war perpetrated by certain mighty people and business groups found in handful amounts in the market seen exploiting the lower classes for their own capitalist ideals and interests are being showcased in the film. Thus a businessperson of Indian origin when comes from Canada to Mumbai to expand his business, he tries all the hook and crook to run his show. Also, he hatches out some of the best and lethal plans to turn the table of his rivals. However, the thrilling climax at the end makes things really interesting to catch in the theaters.

Star Performance & Technical Aspects

There is no doubt about the star performances as the director has roped in one of the most talented actors as- the film’s cast. All the main leads in the film including Satyanand(Sandy) Gaitonde, Trupti Bhoir, Girish Pardesi and Rajandra Shisat are among the seasoned actors in Marathi world and even small screens. They have already carved their niche in the market with incredible performances and in Superb Plan it is no exception as everyone in the lead actor team has given the best over the silver screen. The two lead stars Sandy and Trupti Bhoir are known faces in small screen and usual have given their best.

Talking about elements, right from the direction, screenplay, music, location, editing, dialogues, etc, everything are seen tailor made, which together boost up the entertainment value of the film. Even the songs of the film seem to be unique and interesting. For instance, if you check the title song alone, it is a perfect blend of Indian melody and Arabic Style, both are seen in proper proportion boosting up the beauty of music and playback singing giving the montage an all together a new and unique look & feel. Let’s not forget the foreign locations, which is a rare phenomenon in Marathi Cinema. The presence of Canada locations in the film speaks volume for the high foresight of the filmmaker.

Superb Plan

Superb Plan in one word is a superb movie in Marathi Cinema. Such movies are never produced and directed in Marathi world. This in a sense will emerge out as a trend setting film in regional cinema. In terms of content, the film has every element, which together boost up the entertainment value of the film. It has thrill, suspense, unique story, incredible performance, seasoned direction and soothing music to name a few of its USP, which together make the film a big hit in perspective of making quality movies in Marathi Cinema World.  Considering the thrill and suspense the film becomes compelling in both pre and post interval giving hardly any loo break to the audience. The audience has no other option but to stay glued to their seats till the climax to see something incredible. Therefore it is a must watch for any Marathi movie enthusiast!

Rating – 4*

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