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Sairat Movie Review

Sairat movie review

This Friday, you have a solo release in M Town, which comes in the form of Sairat. The film is directed by Fandry fame and national award winner filmmaker- Nagraj Manjule, while it is produced by Nagraj Manjule in association with Nagraj Manjule under the production company called Essel Vision Productions in association with Aatpat Production and Zee Studios. The star casts include Rinku Rajguru, Tanaji Galgunde, Aakash Thosar, Arbaj Shaikh, Suraj Pawar, Suresh Vishwakarma and Chhaya Kadam. The film has managed to get a decent response after the release of its promos and was thus seen making good headlines in the media. It was even screened at the Berlin International Film Festival for the positives the film has.


Sairat is a love story as we can see the film is being advertised. You have a known format wherein Aarhi played by Rajguru happens to be an upper class rich falls in love with a girl called Parshya played Thosar a poor smart boy coming from social strata. The girl is from a rich and affluent family of politician. Though their love starts from a small level, but with passing time it becomes bold. She conspires to flee away with her lover seeking the help of Parshya’s friend but their plan fails. Rest is history, you all know all but wait, this story is very much different rather than being similar to this one portrayed in a number of movies earlier and thus becomes interesting to explore in the nearby cinema.

So, what’s so different about this love story? One can wonder as to what so special about this film. Well Sairat is essentially two movies or two kinds of narratives that are rolled into one both from different schools, employing different styles and generally more comfortable with a wide range of audiences. The first one is the elaborate love story with so many playful and happy moments having romance, laughs and songs. This is usually what you have been witnessing to via the trailers and the released songs. Well there is a lot to recommend here too.

Even when the material is very much familiar it is presented to the audience with entirely new look. The palette of reference employed by the director comes from B Town. It is a story of anyone who is falling in love & start in believing that the world is extremely a loving place to fill with loads of joy, color and music like a dream. For a typical audience member who simply likes to watch the movies purely for a good time without employing too much of the grey cells, which is a bit perfect. On the other hand, the second narrative is something very much altogether.

Without entering into the details of the movie, the second narrative seems to be very much gritty, heartbreaking and realistic. Though you may or may not enjoy the film, but partially it is a great reminder that all the dreams simply come to an end and must stand of the reality test. The narrative you find here is very mournful, intense, real and emotional. However, it is engrossing and simply holds the audience unlike any other movie and this is what the film Sairat is all about. In terms of performance, both the leading actors have been good in their spaces and have impressed the audience. Similar is the story with other actors seen in the supporting role.

The only concern goes to the length of the movie, which tolls to 170 minutes, which could have been made shorter by at least 15-20 minutes or so. This would rather have helped the filmmaker to give more impact on the audience. Similarly, the other concern is the way the film handles the two narratives or the split narratives. Though one may not instantly find out an option to the treatment, a more integrated approach can help in making the more accessible for the audience.

Sairat – The Last Word

One may wonder as to how a movie like Sairat is getting such huge response with some ordinary plot. However, the beauty lies in the split of the film it has. The fact is Sairat is not a simple movie to make or grasp. Though it would be recommended to the audience to better has a pause and takes a deep breath before you give any judgment about it. Well, seeing the film between the lines can really make a good difference.

Ratings : 3/5

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