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Ringan Movie Review : Film narrates the darker side of ailing farmer in Maharashtra


Cast : Shashank Shende and Sahil Joshi play lead roles in Ringan.

Film : Ringan

Director: Makarand Mane

Cast: Shashank Shende, Sahil Joshi

Rating: 3/5

The film is a story of hope, courage, and spirituality, which a downtrodden farmer from Maharashtra is often engrossed these days. Thanks to the poor and worst conditions of farmers in this state who lives under petty debts but unable to clear it before it becomes huge to mar his and his family life. The film Ringan or The Quest happens to be a 2016 National Award-winning film, which finally hit this week in the theatres of this state and others.  In fact, the release of the movie in apt timely as we see the protests from the farmers are gearing up for the loan waiving and they get good prices for the farming products in the state, which is often seen in other states of the country.

At this juncture when we seen many of farmers taking up their lives by consuming pesticides or hanging over the tree, the film narrates the darker truth of the film. The film is about a man called Arjun Played by Shahshank Shende who remains a poor farmer is haunted to commit suicide with his seven year old son called Abhimanyu played by Sahil Joshi who is seen visiting the temple of Hindu god Vithal based at Pandharpur. Though the young lad tries to find his dead mother as he believes that she is somewhere around the abode of God, while Arjun is seen taking the help for the job to get the land back from the money lenders.

The film is not entertainment stuff but a typical art movie. We get to see the lowly pace and indulgent use of silence and imagery in it making a classic feel to catch. The fact is the film is more about innocence, love and spirituality, which is hard to catch these days in commercial film that makes it a perfect catch in the midst of many films releasing too often.

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