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Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar Movie Review: Total Waste of Time and Money

Rating – 1.0

The Marathi Movie – Oli Mati Tarunyachya Umbarathyavar released recently is a venture of an unknown production house- Swapnil Art Entertainment. The film has Sanket More, Sahil Patvardhan, Neha Chitnis and Priti Narnavre in the pivotal roles, while it is directed by Narendra Gaikwad. And there are slew of novices in the supporting characters. The film has nothing to cater except some ordinary performancess with the same usual heard and seen youth stories. Once you take a dip into it, you would realise it has nothing much in it.

The Plot

The film has four college friends wherein it showcases the same usual love, friendship, romance and mistakes these young people commit in their lives seen earlier in many movies. Meet the two young couples called Darshal (Sanket More) and Amboli (Priti Naranavare) and the second is Abhay (Sahil Patwardhan) and Ketaki (Neha Chitnis). They enjoy their love and romance along with opposition when they try to settle down in their lives. And when things didn’t work, they are seen getting into the clutches of bad boys who blackmail them for the sex sequences. And the climax comes the most unexpected, which will compel you to pull your hair for wasting your time and money for catching up this film.

The Performances, Screenplay, Editing and other technical stuff

At one go, the story suffers from the monotony, which every youth based film suffers and Oli Mati goes one step forward in making things really bad to worse for the audience. With too many elements, the film has ended up becoming nothing but allowing the audience and critics to lash out at the director of the film. Talking about the star performances, the actors in the lead roles performances is really good specially Sanket More. The other elements like screenplay, music, dialogues, location and other technical elements hold no water making it futile venture by the filmmakers.

Oli Mati- Last Word

Sadly, the film lags behind in many ways. Right from the story, dialogues, music, locations, screenplay and editing. You have the same stories, which have been told and showcased over the silver screen in different films have been made to put holes in the pockets of the audience. With ordinary and dull performances, Oli Mati stands no-where but waiting at the dark corner of Marathi Cinema world to be tagged with a flop film. Wonder how filmmaker’s today in Marathi Cinema has loads of money and time to waste for making such weird movies and take the audience for a ride.

Rating – 1.0

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