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Oli Mati (2015)

Oli Mati Marathi Movie Oli Mati Marathi Movie 2015

Director : Narendra Gaikwad
Release Date: 14th Aug 2015 (Tentative)
Producer : Amish Ramkrushn Hedau, Narendra Gaikwad, Shekhar Vasantraw Bavankar, Swapnil Prakash Bawane
Star Cast : Sanket More,Sahil Patvardhan,Neha Chitnis,Priti Narnavre,Ganesh Yadav,Sndip Pathak,Puja Nayak,Harish Gawai,Rajesh Chitnis ,Sanjay Bhakare ,Seema Godbole,Vina Selokar ,Rajesh Sherki,Prashant Nikhar,Usha Shingane,Mangesh Harbade ,Avinash Bawane

Oli Mati is a forthcoming Marathi movie that is scheduled to be released soon. The director of this movie is Narendra Gaikwad and the producers are Shekhar Vasantraw Bavankar, Amish Ramkrushn Hedau, Swapnil Prakash Bawane and Narendra Gaikwad. The movie casts are Sanket More, Sahil Patvardhan, Neha Chitnis, Priti Narnavre, Ganesh Yadav, Sndip Pathak, Puja Nayak, Harish Gawai, Rajesh Chitnis, Sanjay Bhakare, Seema Godbole, Vina Selokar, Rajesh Sherki, Prashant Nikhar, Usha Shingane, Mangesh Harbade, Avinash Bawane and others

Swapnil Art Entertainment is the banner under which the movie has been produced and art is provided by Mahesh Goswami and Govind Parande. Story has been compiled by Swapnil Prakash Bawane, while screenplay is done by Vikram Khairkar and dialogues by Sonali Manoj Mohite. The production head is Avinash Bawane, Neha Hedau and Sujata Gaikwad. The lyrics have been composed by Said Akhttar and Balvant Lamkane. Laalji is responsible for the makeup of the artistes, while the singers boast of being Ashlesha Rashinkar, Swapnil Bandokar, Pallavi Thakare, Ram and Sarang Joshi. Music has been composed by Abhishek Pathak and Ram Bawankule, while background music is scored by Prabhakar Narvade. Gagandeep Bawa is behind the camera and editing is done by Mukesh Timori. V.F.X effects of the movie are done by Virendranath Singh, while creative director is Shashi Kumar

Oli Mati is said to be a story in regards to mistakes and loves of teenagers. Almost every young aged people do commit mistakes, which they and their families tend to suffer and the lessons learn from it. Through this movie, the team has been trying to be creative enough to help parents as well as today’s younger generation.

This is a movie about generation gap and showcases issues that are faced by different generations and as to how it is overcome. A must watch movie for every parent and teenager.

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