Nivdung Deals with the subject of Draught and Farmers’ Suicide

nivdung review

Sankruti Balgude and Bhushan Pradhan will be seen in the film Nivdung which is based on the subject of draught situation in Maharashtra and the problems farmers face because of it. Sankruti Balgude has a Marathi Laavni dance number in the movie. The star cast of the movie includes Bhushan Pradhan, Sanskruti Balgude, Sara Shrawan, Astad Kale, Prajakta Dighe and Shekhar Phadke.

Nivdung has catchy songs like Vitthala, Majha Jwanila, Tila Mee Pahile, Majhe Mala, Kuberacha Gharat, Dhondi Dhondi. The songs are akin ot the flavor of Marathi traditions and folk songs. Nivdung portrays the simplicity of rural Maharashtra and brings to life the very essence of simple life.

Nivdung is produced and directed by Munnawar Bhagat. Bhushan Pradhan had earlier acted in the movie 1234 which was an action packed performance.

Nivdung releasing on 21st October will be competing with the movies Jalsa and Kaul Manacha. With three movies releasing this festive season the competition will be strong. While Jalsa already seems to have an edge over the other two movies, it will be word of mouth that will work for each film. Jalsa is a comedy and Kaul Manacha and Nivdung are based on realistic themes. This Diwali season there are bound to be some fireworks in the theatres.

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