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Mulshi Pattern Marathi Movie Review

Mulshi Pattern


Mulshi Pattern Review :

Director – Pravin Vitthal Tarde

Star cast – Sunil Abhyankar, Om Bhutkar, Kshitish Date, Dipti Dhotre, and Malvika Gaekwad

Story, Screenplay, Dialogue – Pravin Vitthal Tarde

Producer – Punit Balan

Music – Abhijeet Bhosale

Cinematography – Narendra Bhide

Rating – 3.0


The film is a family drama wherein we find Sakharam Patil played by Mohan Joshi is seen blowing off his money, which he have got by selling his ancestral. This leads to financial crunch leading his son to tread the path of crime by his son, so what goes the next is interesting to catch in the nearby cinema.


As the film starts it has an aerial view of the Pune city apart from telling the story of how in the name of development the beauty and integrity of the villages surrounding the city has been wiped out. The film revolves around this theme when poor villagers have no choice to sell off their lands to capitalist who wants to do big over this land. Although the story talks about Pune and the state but such situation has been replicated in other states when farmers are compelled to sell of their lands in peanut costs to mighty businessman who exploit them for their own vested interests. The script deals with the current grim situation of farmers and their families who fail to meet their ends, which has become too rampant in the country.

Now, let’s talk about the performances of the actors playing in this film. Om Bhutkar has once again proved his talent while portraying the man who sells off his property and burns his money, while others like Mohan Joshi and Mahesh Manjrekar playing the characters of farmers too have played their decent roles. Ajay Purkar too have played a decent role while playing the character with perfection. On the other side, the film has a couple of sequences that keep on repeating making it too stretched at times. The editing too had some issues, had this been cripser the film could have been a nice one to catch .

Mulshi Pattern – The last word

The film happens to draw the attention towards the grim situation of farmers and their pitiable conditions. However, the makers have failed to portray the way it deserved to be presented to the audience. Yet it can be a one time watch and you can catch it in any lazy weekend.

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