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Marathi Movie Tiger and Police Line First Day Box Office Collection

Police Line

This Friday has been really busy for Marathi Cinema with the advent of three movies releasing the same day. This certainly includes the two films – Marathi Tiger and Police Line. Now, let’s talk about the former one first. Marathi Tiger is a social and romantic film, which reflects the age old issue of the areas located over the Maharashtra and Karnataka border. The film had dull promotion and less amount of buzz in the media, along with low amount of rating for it.

All these factors have hampered the film collection to a great extent. As per reports, the first day box office collection for Marathi Tiger tolled to 0.8 crores, which is not that great amount. Thanks to the competition the film faces with the other releases in M Town along with other elements that failed to garner much response for the movie. Now talking about the other release Police Line, the film had the same issue, which failed to give many mullahs to the filmmakers.

As per reports, the first day box office collection for Police Line tolled to around 0.75 crores, which really didn’t work for the film. This is primarily due to the tough competition being faced by this film along with lowly kind of reviews, which did all the damage. However, the trade pundits are hopeful to get some surge in the coming days.

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