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Kanha, Avdhuth Gupte’s musical drama released last week, released thunderous response from the audience. Although it was a film of the season, it captured the admiration of the young audience. Revolving round the Dahi Handi festival in Mumbai, Kanha encompasses politics, relationships and religious fervor. It resembled a lot with the director’s Maurya which was a similar treat based on Ganesh Festival.

How it went down with the audience and critics: Kanha, though with lot of fanfare, did struck a few right chords with the young audience. Critics particularly appreciated the performances of the actors namely Vaibhav Tatwadi, the lead and Gashmeer Mahajani, Prasad Oak and Kiran Karmarkar. Sumedh Wani, the child actor, was endearing to all. Marathi Movie critics have reacted favorably to Kanha.

Theatre Occupancy: As Kanha released in the week of Janmashtmi, it received warm crowd in during the weekend. In the cities like Pune and Mumabi, where the festival of Dahi Handi is widely celebrated, Kanha caught the attention of families and youngsters alike. In Mumbai, it’s occupancy rate was as high as 80 %. While in Pune it was around 76%.

 Collection: After a weak opening collection, Kanha picked up on the weekends and went on to collect 78 lakhs on the weekends. Later for the entire week it remained around 2.4 crores. The entire week’s collection is not expected to go above 3.8 lakhs. So far the film gathered around 3. 23 crore. The total collection might round up to 3.8 crores.

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